A Poem on Motherhood: “These Little Hands”

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Here’s a poem to all those mothers out there that may need some perspective on raising children. I have two young children, a three year old son and a one year old daughter. I stay home with my two children and I love them very much. However, I’d be lying if I said I don’t get overwhelmed. One night as I was feeling like “I would never get ahead,” of all the chaos in my house, I sat down and wrote a short poem about it. Normally I let feelings of frustration consume me and I feel like I am a terrible housewife and mom etc. because I just can’t do it all. But that night, I decided to try a new perspective. You see, not long ago I took my little ones down to my mothers house. My mom is now in her 70s and she is so cute and patient with kids. My mom is always so good to have clean windows, and of course my little kids with grubby hands touched her windows and you could see little hand marks all over her once shiny windows. I felt so bad and offered to clean her windows and she said “I think it’s adorable and I actually want to see them on these windows for a few days!” I realized then, that one day I would see that perspective, and even more…I needed to see that perspective now. Life is so hard as a mom, but it’s also so wonderful and such a blessing. Even if you’re a mom of teens, I hope you can relate to this poem. And keep in mind, all of these statements are true…I looked around my house and wrote about what I saw:)

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These little Hands

I have all these little hands in my house that keep busy all day,
They have lots of fun, they work and they play.
They put cars in my Tupperware, rubber duckies in my closet, and the list could go on and on if I dare…
There’s not a neat room in the house anymore. Little hands have touched all things and it’s obvious I’m sure.
All the shoes in the house have been tried on a lot, there’s no organization .. at least they are in the right spot.
There’s a marble under the rug, a superhero mask in my bedroom… to find all the proper places for these odds and ends would take all afternoon!
Sometimes I feel like crying because I don’t know where to start. These little hands keep so busy and I feel like falling apart.
This mommy has so many moments where I feel like I could do more, I fall short all the time and sometimes just endure.
But then these little hands do something magical and lifesaving… they put their arms around me and they give all of their love right to me.
These little hands may whine and cry a lot, but they never criticize me. They keep me on my toes a lot, but all they want is to be right beside me.
These little hands have their way of showing me that they love me no matter what. These little hands don’t pretend to be perfect … they just do what makes them happy. Mommy is their comfort and happiness and they remind me of this constantly.
So as I’m busy with these little hands in my life I realize… that every single day they are growing.
These little hands are getting bigger and maturing day by day.
I realize that far too soon these little hands will grow big and strong and steady. Instead of little messes everywhere … they will slowly but surely grow and leave my home.
One day I will look back, within a nice clean home…and long for cars in Tupperware, marbles under the rug, and rubber duckies on the floor.
So when I’m feeling so overwhelmed .. like I just can’t get it all done, I’ll take a deep breath, look around and enjoy my messy home.
These little hands are my world and I hope to raise them up safe and sound.
To face the world with love and virtue and to be leaders in their own home.
Everyday I’ll try my best to see the perspective of these little hands.
And remember to love and enjoy each moment.
For these little hands will all too soon, be grown and moved away.
Enjoy the chaos and disarray,
These little hands see you as their world and their love will conquer all the struggles.
Hold tight these little hands.
By:Christy Austin
Dedicated to Cade and Makell—my little hands

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