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Some of My Top Favorite Tips for your Inner AND Outer Beauty…

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First I have to start by saying why are we so incredibly hard on ourselves? It doesn’t matter how beautiful we are…there is ALWAYS something wrong with us. For example…I have never liked my “full cheeks.” When I look in the mirror that’s the first thing I see and I don’t love them. As a wife and mother I am continually trying to work on that “inner beauty” side. Meaning I want to feel good about who I am on the inside so that it shines through on the outside. We all know that’s how it works, but we live in a “comparison” world. Social media and our society are constantly telling us how we should look. And yet, what we forget…is that our own true BEAUTY is the fact that we are all different. If we all looked the same what a boring world that would be right?

I will say, I am a true girl and I love makeup and all the fun accessories that come with being a girl. However, I realize that makeup is an “enhancer,” and it doesn’t define who we are as a person. True beauty is that person that told me I had “pretty eyes” on the same day that I broke up with someone in college and was feeling pretty low. True beauty was that person who offered to take my shopping cart back when they could see that I was struggling to wrangle my two cute toddlers and was full on “stressed-out.” True beauty, is that friend that is your constant confidant no matter what day you are having or how you look.

You see, beauty is within all of us. In my mind, beauty comes through service, and acts of kindness and love. It even comes with a smile. It’s so easy and simple to smile at someone, you just never know how much that person may need that.

So don’t think I don’t love Beauty Tips and Tricks because I do, and I have some for you. Just know, that I am constantly working on my “true beauty.”  I know that I love who I am more, when I am focused on how to improve myself and the world around me. Beauty

With that, here are FIVE little tips and tricks to helping that true beauty shine on through to the outside. 

#1: Enhancement Lashboost by Rodan + Fields: So this Lashboost is obviously to lengthen your eyelashes. I personally was so curious, because I heard nothing but wonderful things about it…and I am telling you it works! I even got my mom to try some because she wanted to lengthen her eyelashes and it has worked wonders for her as well. What’s neat is that you can see results literally within the first week or so of applying it. It’s easy, you apply the Lashboost to your eyelashes every night and you get to watch them grow. You do have to keep on this regime or I am sorry to say, your lash growth will stop. But if you are looking for an effective way to enhance your eyelashes I can personally attest that this product works! If you are interested or have any questions about the product, click here.

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#2: Go Easy on the eye-liner: Long ago, I was in pageant competitions. Now when you are on stage, your makeup is more intense than your everyday look. And yet, something that I learned from the professional makeup artists at the pageants was to never line both your upper and lower lid COMPLETELY with eyeliner. Why? Because it actually makes your eyes look smaller. So what I do is either just the top lid, or I go half way on the lower lid…to keep my eyes looking open and big. See the difference:

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#3: Add bronzer on top of your cheek bones and on your forehead and blend well. It will give you a natural glow that you will love. My favorite bronzer is Bella Bronzer from Maskcara Beauty. If you are interested in this product its a creamy bronzer and lasts a long time. Click here for more info.

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#4: Reverse Lightening By Rodan + Fields for melasma discoloration or “mask of pregnancy” spots. My friend gave me a sample of this and it’s something I really enjoy. Rodan+Fields was started by 2 doctors based out of San Francisco who created skincare products to help their patients. I have been very impressed with all the results I have seen with their products. AND I have teamed up with a Rodan+Fields consultant and she is willing to give you $20 cash back for preferred customers! Just mention in your email that you read this blog and you will get $20 cash back when purchasing products. Just click here to purchase products and e mail to get your cash back after purchasing products. What a great deal!

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(Reverse Brightening Regime from Rodan+Fields)

#5 Beauty Blenders do wonders to make your face look smooth and flawless. I will tell you I didn’t start using a beauty blender until the past year and goodness it’s a game changer. I use the Maskcara Beauty perfector sponge and I absolutely love it. It costs about $13 for this particular tool but I feel like it’s been worth every penny. The important part to note, get it damp before using it. If you use the beauty blender dry it will rub your makeup off. If you dampen the beauty blender it will blend your makeup and foundation beautifully. No more cakey-looking foundation spots, the beauty blender is amazing! Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 6.47.46 PM(*The Maskcara Perfector Sponge)


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*Remember—You don’t have to look “On-point” 24/7, that’s just not sensible or reasonable. I mean if you have an entourage of hair and beauty experts like many Hollywood stars do that’s one thing..but most of us don’t have that, and that’s great. I would say find a small thing everyday that you love about yourself. You don’t need to feel conceded or cocky…just know it’s important to truly love who you are inside out and that is where TRUE beauty will find you!

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*Now it’s your turn! What are some of your BEAUTY TIPS?