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My Top Favorite Blogs that are Uplifting and Fun to Read…

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For pick #17 I wanted to tell you about my favorite blogs and why I enjoy reading them. In a world where you can find entertainment in a variety of ways, I believe that reading good and uplifting blogs can be not only enjoyable…but also educational. I think it’s so important to continue learning in life. Something simple such as learning a new skill can keep us thriving and pushing ourselves. I feel that blogs can help in this area. We can learn SOO much from the many talented people in the world through the blogging universe. I enjoy many bloggers and it’s hard to narrow down just a few…so I can promise this will become an ongoing pick for me to talk about. So with that, here are my Top Ten favorite blogs NOT in any order. I hope you enjoy them!

#1- A Bountiful Kitchen

If you want some great tasting food, and wonderfully written recipes…this is your blog! I love that Si Foster (the chef/blogger) is very organized about her blogging and for me…I love that she adds in gluten free ideas. She also has wonderful table scapes that I intend to copy one day:) If you are in need of a blog that can help you add variety to your meals, you will enjoy reading A Bountiful Kitchen.

(Below is a picture of Si Foster’s Valentine Table in which she shares her Hawaiian Haystack recipe)

abountiful kitchen

#2 Fun, Cheap of Free

Wow—Jordan Page is the writer of this blog and goodness is she financially savvy! This girl has really researched and found ways to save money and keeps it organized and simple. Jordan is also real–meaning she is a mom, with six kids and loves to share her ups and downs. She has been featured on Rachel Ray and many tv shows. She has some great hacks and tips for everyday life too…so even if you aren’t looking for a finance blog, you will enjoy her entertainment.

#3 Tatertots and Jello

If you love home decor, you will be amazed by Jen Hadfield. This blog features some of the cutest home decor ideas. The blog also features great snack foods and dinner ideas, and the bright colors she uses are soooo vibrant and fun you just learn to love all her creations! Probably my favorite is her front porch….she always decorates her front porch for different holidays and it’s amazing how artistic she can be. What’s neat is Jen does a lot of her crafts at a great price so that it’s feasible for all viewers to try. So if you are looking to change the outside or inside of your home in some way….Jen Hadfield’s blog “tatertots and jello” is where you want to be looking. The bonus part is she often has free printables which is always helpful.

(A picture of Jen’s Front Porch idea for Valentines)


#4 Mamas on a dime

This blog is written by Jackie and oh my goodness I love all her tips and advice. She knows all about how to get good deals on the grocery store and has couponing down to an art. Some of her posts are just plain heart-warming to read…she is a great writer and she is also a great resource for how to stretch your budget a bit and get financially fit!

#5 Her toolbelt

Another blog that simply amazes me when it comes to talent is this blog entitled “Her Toolbelt.” Amy is the author of this blog and she can create just about anything you want when it comes to building things out of wood. Amy provides free woodworking plans, and has a wide variety of items that she creates. She has beautiful indoor craft items, outdoor benches, and my most recent favorite…a downstairs two-story playhouse she belt for her kids! It’s pretty spectacular to see all of her ideas come to life. Even if you don’t love woodworking, it’s pretty neat to see all that Amy is capable of. (Some pictures of her projects below)

basement-playhouse-build-toy-room-tiny-house-750x420    her tool belt her tool belt bench

#6 Female Foodie 

Who doesn’t love food? This girl–Brooke Eliason,  is great for informing you which restaurants are best in different cities. Brooke not only hits the best places to eat in Utah, but she now has connections to other states as well. She recently posted the 8 top chocolate shops in Salt Lake City. I have seen Brooke featured on television and she does a great job coming up with new ideas and researching great foods. So if you want to learn about some wonderful places to eat in your area, check out her blog!

#7 Wendy 

I love Wendy’s blog because her writing is so creative and inspiring. Many of Wendy’s topics are spiritually written, but you can relate to many ideas that she expresses. I always find myself at peace when I read Wendy’s blog posts, they hit to the core and I think so many can relate to what she has to say. So even if you are not Christian or a member of any sort of church, I feel that you’ll be moved by Wendy’s words and you’ll enjoy seeing her perspective on life.

#8 The Small Things Blog

This blog is a beauty blog written by Kate. What I love about Kate’s beauty blog is how “down to earth” she is. Kate is very real, and you just enjoy listening to all her fun ideas. She not only covers the beauty basics, but she opens up about being a wife and mom as well. She shares recipes besides makeup and beauty tips, and she is full of creativity and style .


#9 Twist Me Pretty

This is another beauty blog, written by Abby Smith. What I love about Abby is how fun and vibrant her personality is! I personally am not great at doing hair, but she makes learning new hairstyles enjoyable and exciting. She is the expert at braiding hair and has actually written a few books on braiding hair. Abby has great tips and advice when it comes to hair and makeup, and she throws in her personal life a lot which makes reading her blog even more entertaining. Go see what Abby has to say and you may even learning a few new hairstyles while you’re at it!

#10 Al 

Al Carraway is a spiritually uplifting blog to read. Al has a way of thinking outside the box when it comes to faith in the Lord. She shares wonderful ideas and tips for exercising your faith in God and Jesus Christ. Al Carraway is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, but is a convert so she has a very interesting and diverse background within her religion. I feel that anyone who is looking for a spiritual boost no matter what religion they are, will enjoy Al Carraway’s wonderful insights on life and her devotion to God.

Al Carraway

Lastly—Hopefully there may be one or more blogs you may enjoy from reading this. I feel that I was inspired to start my blog after reading many blogs that I personally enjoyed. Thanks for reading and supporting as always, and stay tuned for my next “Favorite Pixx:)


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