How to not feel guilty re-charging and my favorite ways to do this….


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For pick #16 I wanted to focus on why it’s so important to learn to kick-back, relax, re-charge, AND not feel guilty about it whatsoever! 

We live in a day and age where we are running in every direction constantly. Some may call it productivity….but it may be borderline insanity. I believe if you ask any personal coach or productivity expert, they would agree that just because you have a big “to do” list it doesn’t mean you’re using your time wisely. It’s great to be busy and have hobbies, I highly encourage it. However, I am starting to see the light…that we all need time to rest, relax and re-charge.

What happens to a computer or an iPhone or any electronic device that we use everyday if we don’t charge it? It dies. We don’t call our computers “lazy” when we charge them, we just know that’s part of how they work. So why do we feel guilt or shame when we take time to re-charge? Well, we need to stop feeling any sort of guilt and just enjoy some relaxation in life. I give you complete permission to kick-back, breathe and relax.

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Resting and relaxation has not always been easy for me personally to do. I guess my mind-set became so stuck on getting “items checked off the list,” so much so that I was getting to the point where I was forgetting about how to help myself a little bit. Relaxing and breathing and re-charging is so important in today’s busy pace. It took an outside source to “call me out” and tell me I needed to “Give myself 20 minutes of relaxation.” My biggest hang-up with resting is….housework. Since I am a stay at home mom I really try to keep the house tidy and organized but with two toddlers I fall behind constantly. So add relaxing and resting into the mix and I feel like I am even more behind. BUT–it’s a mindset. We can’t expect perfect in anything and I am slowly learning myself, that we have to tell ourselves we will feel better and probably will be even more productive if we take more “time-outs” for ourselves through the day. It’s not selfish, it’s self-care and let’s be honest…it’s self-preservation.

I believe that past generations would look at our generation and prescribe us one thing…MORE REST! So if I haven’t convinced you enough…here are some of my top pixx for resting and relaxation that doesn’t cost a fortune:

#1-Reading. I get it, not everyone loves to read. However, I think if you find the right genre and authors…anyone could enjoy reading. Reading really is relaxing and enjoyable. It took me joining a book club to get myself reading more. So give it a try…you might find a new way to relax and re-charge.


#2-Bubble bath. I always put a few drops of lavender or peppermint oil in the bath. Breathing in the lavender or peppermint is extra refreshing and rejuvenating. So even if you’re strictly a “shower person,” a bath could be your new way to rest and relax!

#3-Yoga! Oh my goodness I love yoga! I used to do a lot of yoga in college and then it slowly stopped being something I practiced. I just recently found a new yoga coach and I forgot how great I feel after yoga! Yoga is a great way to meditate, breathe, stretch…everything. I feel like I have a clear mind after yoga which is such a nice de-stresser. Don’t feel like you have to be an expert at yoga, OR that it’s only for females. Yoga is for all genders, ages and skill level. If you’ve never tried it, here’s your chance to see if it helps you relax as well as it helps me.

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#4-Power naps– Sometimes a short nap is all you need to complete re-charge and re-energize. If I choose this route I usually set a timer, because I don’t want to over-sleep which will ruin my actual bedtime. Power naps can do wonders on your mental and emotional health!

#5-Breathing-It’s so simple but not-often considered…just being aware of your own body and inhaling and exhaling can be a great way to rest, and meditate.

#6-Watching a show–Yep I said it…watching something on television. Stop feeling guilty, we all know this can be a great way to relax. Now I will warn, don’t get so sucked in that you waste hours a day in front of the t.v.  But sometimes we all just need to “Zone-out and watch a show.”

#7- Going on a walk– Even when it’s cold outside, I sometimes feel like I need to get out in nature and just take a walk somewhere. Maybe it’s the vitamin D that I am craving but sometimes getting outside, and taking a nice, easy walk can unwind me and help me feel calm.

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#8-Meditation, Journaling and Prayer–I put these in the same category because some people practice them all at once. Writing things down and journaling can be a wonderful source of relaxation. For those who are religious or who are trying to be in tune with themselves, practicing meditation and prayer can be an extremely powerful way to collect oneself, and rejuvenate the mind

*The list could continue but for me, these are my top pixx (picks) on how to relax and unwind. What do you do to relax? What do you wish you did to relax? Let me know I am always up for trying new things:)

PS–Isn’t this the cutest? My husband knows how to get him and our two toddlers to relax! I need his skills:)


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