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Pick #14 (Appropriate for Valentines February 14th)

When it comes to skin care, this product is one of my favorite picks. I was introduced to Moonvine Organics about 7 years ago and I have been ordering items from them ever since.

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Moonvine Organics has amazing lotions and skin care products. This company uses natural and organic ingredients to create not only wonderful fragrances , but very effective products as well.

The products that I have used the most from Moonvine Organics include the healing heat (Muscle rub), sugar scrub and lotion.

The Healing Heat is a must have. It is only $8 and it works wonders! The healing heat is a muscle rub that can help relieve pain and sore muscles.I actually shared this healing heat with my mom because she has achy knees…and she swears by it now. I enjoy this muscle rub better than icy hot, and the fragrance is great too.

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Click here to view the: Healing Heat 

The sugar scrub is another favorite of mine. I love how my skin feels after– and I absolutely love how wonderful they smell! My favorite fragrance is Winterberry, but you can’t go wrong with any scent. This sugar scrub lasted me surprisingly longer than I expected, I had it for quite a few months.  My feet are exceptionally dry and the sugar scrub helped to exfoliate my dry skin and make my feet feel smooth and healthy again.

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Click here for Sugar Scrub details: Sugar Scrub

And last but not least, Moonvine Organics sells some wonderful lotions. I have used all the fragrances except for “baby bloom” and actually want to try this one next. I read a review on the Moonvine Organics page that a woman used “Baby bloom” lotion for her young infant and her baby’s eczema cleared right up. Whenever I get a new baby in my home I will make sure and stock up on the baby bloom lotion because my little ones always have sensitive skin.

Moonvine Organics Lotion

Another thing I have really liked about the Moonvine lotions is that they aren’t over oily, but they make your skin feel silky and smooth. Knowing that they are all natural and organic products is another plus!  Moonvine products are not only natural and organic, but they are also vegan, gluten-free, and Kosher. How many lotions can say that right?!


Another product that I have coming in my mail this week is the dreamy, creamy Whipped Body Butter. I live in a very dry state, so besides it being winter time, my hands are very dry at this point and I am hoping this body butter can get my cracked hands smooth and feeling silky and soft again. I am sure I will follow up on this particular skincare line, because as I mentioned…it’s a favorite!

Click here for Body Butter info: Body Butter

If you are in Utah, Moonvine Organics has products in the following stores:

*Herbs For Health in West Jordan

*Herbs For Health in Ogden

*The Utah Coop in Murray

*And every spring through fall at Kuwahara Wholesale Farmers Market in Sandy

And of course if you’re out of state you can order online: Moonvine Organics

Moonvine Organics is not only a great, all-natural skin-care line, but they are affordable and easy to work with. I have had questions about the products in the past and the company was quick to get back to me, and even sent me some samples.

So if you are looking for a great gift, or just want to take care of your own skin…I would highly recommend using Moonvine Organics for all your skincare needs:)

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