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Facebook Support Groups


So why are Facebook support groups one of my favorite things? Because it is just that…support!  We all have our ups and downs in life, and through them all we need support. But when we are struggling we when need A LOT of support right?

It’s interesting because I came across the facebook support groups last year (2018) when my son was diagnosed with a condition called PFAPA (Periodic Fever Syndrome). Basically, my little 2 year old boy was getting high fevers (always 105 degrees) every single month. These fevers were like clockwork where they would come every 4 weeks on the dot. My little boy went through a lot of testing, blood-work, screening…and it was gut-wrenching for me and my husband to watch. Once we finally got my son diagnosed by a rheumatology specialist, I had a friend suggest a support group on facebook for parents that also had children suffering from PFAPA.  So– I joined the online support group. It was very simple, I typed in PFAPA support group, there were different groups that came up that I could choose from, I had to answer a few questions —and then I was part of the group.


After I joined the PFAPA support group, it was such a relief to meet other parents who were dealing with their children going through the same symptoms as my little boy. Our support group was and is constantly encouraging each other, providing tips that may help with symptoms, and offering advice and uplifting encouragement. Overall, it was just nice for me to know that we weren’t alone in dealing with our sons condition. Since my sons condition is quite rare, I hadn’t met anyone personally who was dealing with the same issues until the facebook support group.

After joining a facebook support group for my sons health condition, I started researching and found that facebook has many support groups. The groups range from all types of health issues, skin problems, divorce, addiction, infertility… and the list goes on.

Facebook support groups may not be for everyone. Some people like to keep their issues more private and may prefer a different route since you are making your issue public.  But, for those who are feeling like they need extra resources to reach out to for support—I highly suggest looking to facebook for this. And the best part..it’s free!  It’s kind of like a free therapy session online:)

Having some encouragement and support at your fingertips can be a blessing when you don’t have anywhere else to turn.

Hopefully this post can resonate with someone, or help somebody find the encouragement and love they need. Support groups don’t shame people in anyway, they are there to lift people up and strengthen them. 

Good luck and keep pushing through!

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