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Maskcara Beauty Products 

maskcara palette

Today let’s discuss make up! Let me just say my entire life I have loved playing with make up. I am not a “hair person” because this girl has hard, frustrating hair…but make up is just fun!

Now do I wear a lot of make up? Nope. I have always thought less is more, and also my husband doesn’t like me to get too crazy. However, there is just something about wearing make up that makes me feel put together.

kate before and after (Kate’s before and after her Maskcara makeover)

I have never had any skin issues growing up. An occasional pimple here and there, but I never needed to find make up to help with skin problems….until I had the babies:)

After my second my baby, I started noticing melasma above my lips and on my cheeks. I spent time and money looking for the right cover up because I hated these new “dark spots” that were taking over my face. And then I found out about Maskcara Beauty products….

All I can say is what a LIFESAVER! The highlight colors covered up my melasma much better than any other product. The highlight color is smooth and easy to apply, and I also love the look of a nice, subtle contour on the cheekbone. Then topping it off with some blush on the apples of your cheeks and put a few dabs on your lips and you are ready to roll for the day:)

maskcara highlight and contour

I am truly converted to Maskcara beauty products. One of my favorite parts of this beauty line is that you can have all you need for your face in one pallet! No more lugging around a suitcase full of make up colors.

Cara Brook is the founder of Maskcara Beauty products and she is a very talented make up artist herself.  This beauty line is always coming out with new products that are unique and useful.

If you are interested in trying out Maskcara products I am a Maskcara Artist and can color match you, just go to the link below:



**Here is a fun tutorial of Cara teaching how to apply the 3D foundation**

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