Pick #7

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Let’s talk podcasts today. Who listens to podcasts? I used to listen to a lot of podcasts before I had kids…and then I couldn’t remember why I stopped?

A friend suggested this podcast to me and it’s been fun and inspiring. The Podcast is entitled “The Joy Factor” featuring Julie Hansen. Julie Hansen is a licensed therapist and counselor and also is a registered yoga instructor.

The Joy Factor features many different people from all walks of life, and it reminds us how to keep “Joy” as a central focus in our life.

I would suggest this podcast to males, females, in all stages of life. I feel like in our busy, social-media engaged world, it’s easy to get busy with a variety of things and forget to take a moment, to find peace…to find that joy that is critical to making us thrive as human beings.

Hope you all get a chance to listen and enjoy!


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