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janae Clean Monday Meals

Let’s talk meal prepping….how many of you like to meal prep or would like to? Even if you are only somewhat interested in meal prepping, this pick is for you.

So back-tracking a bit, I have celiacs disease, meaning I can not eat gluten. How much gluten do I allow myself? Zero. The reason being, it makes me extremely sick, and I know how bad it is for my body to tolerate (Plus it can cause colon cancer in my condition.) So looking for good food, that actually tastes good is HUGE for me. Also, my husband doesn’t need to eat gluten free, he mainly does because that’s how I have to eat–so I am always looking for things that taste “normal” especially for my husbands sake!

When I found Janae’s page–“Clean Monday Meals” it was absolutely heaven sent. I have tried the majority of her recipes and there really hasn’t been one that I didn’t like. THE BEST part for me is that all of her meals are gluten free, because she herself has celiacs disease as well. Janae also cooks dairy free, which is great because my son has a dairy allergy and looking for gluten-free and dairy-free that TASTES good, is next to impossible! Somehow, Janae has figured out how to make everything taste delicious despite the food parameters.

Meal prepping is fun when following her page. Her recipes are easy to follow, she provides the grocery list and she has a great variety of food. I actually had some friends come over and we made her meal preps for the week and it was so fun to socialize, and cook and enjoy organizing our week. The BEST part of meal prepping is that instead of reaching for “junk food” to eat for lunch or dinner, you can reach for a tasty, yet healthy meal instead.

My husband has loved when I have meal preps ready for him to take to work so that he doesn’t have to rely on fast food for his lunches. Here are some of our favorite meals from Clean Monday Meals:

*Spicy turkey and green beans with brown rice

*Egg roll in a bowl

*Chicken Pad Thai

*Healthy Ramen Bowls 

I also would like to try her cinnamon rolls and granola bars, I just haven’t gotten to the desserts yet.

Clean Monday Meals has an E-book available and she also has frozen meals and so many great cooking tips as well.

*Remember, even if you’re not gluten free or dairy free her meals are delicious!

Check it out and enjoy:




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