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pro 6

So this stuff is pretty amazing! The top of the bottle explains why I like it so much: “Scientifically proven to build muscle while working out.” Amen to that right?!

I have never liked the “frothy” taste of regular protein powder and so taking protein was never my favorite thing to do. However, in college I minored in Health Sciences and I knew to build muscle I needed the proper amount of protein in my diet. So how do I do that these days??….. with this stuff. You see, this protein isn’t “frothy” and hard to swallow. I put a scoop of Pro 6 in my protein bottle mixed with water, shake it up –and drink it before and during my work out. Pro 6 has a good fruity flavor so it’s like drinking a crystal light while your work out (I’m not choking it down like other protein powders I have used in the past). I have been using this product for well over a year and would recommend it to anybody. Honestly, protein powder isn’t just for people trying to “lose the weight,” It’s a good thing for everyone to drink to keep those muscles strong.

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I have been using this product to help me lose the baby weight. I am now 7 pounds away from where I want to be, hallelujah! A cool sidenote…I saw that Taysom Hill (NFL player for the Saints) also uses this protein, that’s saying something right?!

Elevated Sports is the name of the company that sells this protein powder. Elevated Sports has more than just protein drinks available as well. You can follow Elevated Sports Nutrition on facebook, and instagram @elevatedsportsnutrition

And their web page is here: Elevated Sports Nutrition 

Some details about this protein from the sellers page:

Why drink Pro6+…………………………

•Instant delivery of amino acids to the muscles, even during high intensity exercise

•Boosts muscle protein synthesis during and after exercise

•Enhances physical performance, endurance and stamina

•Accelerates recovery and stimulates post-exercise insulin secretion

•Supported by multiple human studies

•All natural, healthy and safe

•Improvements in brain/mood health

•Increased Nitric Oxide “Pump”

•Ensures proper hydration

•Helps overall cardiovascular health

•Promotes healthy aging

****I figured this was a great thing to post at the beginning of the year when we all are striving for better health:)

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  1. I keep saying I want to try this. And I keep not doing it. I’m with you, I hate most protein drinks. My hubs keep having me try his and they are all nasty. I need to try this one. For real. Ha ha!

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