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Pick #3 for me is this wonderful book written by best-selling author Carol Tuttle entitled “The Child Whisperer.”  I was introduced to this book when I was venting to a friend about my son in his terrible twos, and how I felt like an awful mother because I was constantly struggling with his behavior and melt-downs and it was really wearing me down. My friend suggested this book because she had read it and it helped her to better understand her children’s personality/energy types.

Now I get it, not everyone may buy into the idea of energy types, but before you stray away for that reason, give it a chance. I’m telling you, I was somewhat skeptical myself, but as I read about the energy type my son is (a type 3) it COMPLETELY made sense as to why he acted and behaved the way he did. Little things like his eating behavior, he is more of a “grazer” and I never could understand why sitting down to eat a meal was so hard for him.

Even better, there are sections that help parents understand their own energy types. (I am a type 2 energy type with a type 3 secondary like my son, which makes sense why we tend to butt heads at times)

Carol Tuttle also has a podcast she does with her daughter Anne and it’s enjoyable to listen to as well.

So… if you are looking for a good parenting book or even if you’re wanting to learn more about why YOU yourself behave a certain way, it’s worth a read. I wish I had read this book before I taught public school, it would have given a lot more insight.

I will tell you I am re-reading this book to my husband so he can understand my son better too. Now, has this book made me a perfect parent? Nope. I am not nor will I ever be a perfect parent. In fact, this morning I felt awful because I had a good feud with my son and I knew I was not handling the situation well. So I believe every parent will always make mistakes, but we learn from those mistakes and hopefully try to improve ourselves. This book does provide us with more guidance as to how we can help our children be their “true self,” while still disciplining in a healthy and nurturing way.

Check it out, it’s worth a read!

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