Pick #2

https://youtu.be/U5o9R9hdCJA    Emily’s youtube channel

The 2019 Positivity Planner created by Emily Norris is a great pick. With the new year, it’s always fun to start things out with organizing your life. I personally love planners—I remember in 7th grade getting a Looney Tunes planner and just finding anything I could to write in it. Planners help me feel more organized, and help me to think ahead of upcoming events. I have been following Emily Norris on youtube for a while now, and I love all her parenting, cleaning, organizing hacks. She writes a lot of her hacks and helpful hints on organizing and such in this planner. Emily lives in the UK so it’s fun to listen to her adorable accent. I paid about $35 for the planner, shipping included.

Even if you don’t get the planner, check out Emily’s youtube, she has some great ideas!

PS-I love the look and color scheme of the planner, don’t you?!



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