Pick #1

fels naptha 2

My first pick is this wonderful stuff right here! FELS-NAPTHA

I realized not all of my friends know about this cleaning supply so I am always spreading the word about how wonderful it is. It’s gotten out blood, chocolate, marker, newborn yellow baby poop and more. The key…scrub the bar into the stain while using water to rinse it. I have found that it’s best to quickly wash the garment after getting as much out as you can with the fels-naptha bar.

Quick note–it no longer is a cancer causing cleaner.

Useful stuff

Even better….it’s cheap, less than $5 at the grocery store. I have found my soap bars at Smith’s in the detergent isle.

Can also be used to treat poison ivy and poison oak.

Basically, every household needs some Fels-Naptha.

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